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Choosing Tiles

Consider the following information when choosing a tiler.

Obtain a Written Quotation

Knowing the cost involved up front takes out any future confusion and enables you to ascertain the amount you will be spending. It will also make it clear what things are included in the quotation. Things like laying the tiles, grouting, silicone, sealants, angles, rubbish removal, cleaning etc. Make sure you clearly understand the quotation and clarify any areas of uncertainty before you agree to proceed with the work.

Compare Quotations

It may help to get 2 or 3 quotations. This will give you a possible range of installation costs. Also it is important to remember that tiling is a long term investment and the lowest price may not give you the result you expect.

Experience & Qualifications

Ask the tiler about their experience and qualifications.

Ask for References

Most tilers are more than happy to let you contact 2 or 3 of their recent customers to verify the quality of their work and the attention to detail in their approach. You might even consider asking to visit a job they are working on prior to your acceptance of their quote.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Is the tiler easy to get a hold of?
  • Was he punctual, did he arrive on time?
  • Did he appear keen to do the work?
  • Was the quotation reasonably priced and did it cover all the work to be done?
  • Does the tiler return my calls in a reasonable time frame?
  • Do I feel confident this person will complete my work professionally?

Tiling tips

Things to remember when installation commences

  • Allow adequate wastage when ordering quantities
  • Double check cartons
  • Check pattern & colour (take from 3 cartons)
  • Communicate with your tiler
  • Check during installation
  • Grouting improves the overall look

Things to remember when buying

  • Have your measurements. Add percentage for cutting etc., plus keep a box of tiles for reference and spares
  • Consider different installation methods to create different design effects which can add value to a project, however diagonals involve more cuts/wastage
  • Remember prices can be per metre or per carton
  • Make your selection early and check availability
  • Ask about the suitability of the tiles for your project
  • Ask about delivery costs (e.g. do you need to hand unload or have a difficult site)
  • Ask if sealing is required
  • Ask about guarantees